Learning Only Works When You’re Interested

It’s becoming more and more apparent that expensive, in-person, 90 minute lectures aren’t the only way to learn a subject.  It’s also evident that you no longer need physical classrooms to meet new people and put yourself in new communities. And now that holding a degree no longer delivers the promise of a high paying job after graduation, what’s left?
At The Habit Factory, we’re focused on a different kind of classroom. Rather than a large expense to pay over time, it’s relatively affordable to get yourself going. Rather than being assigned projects you don’t have interest in, you design projects to suit your needs.
When your peers are genuinely invested in the work they do, their behaviour shifts. In other words, we get better work done in a shorter period of time simply because our members love what they do.
The kind of people who join a Habit Factory workshop aren’t people who want accreditation (because we don’t hold that kind of international prestige). Instead, the kind of people who join a Habit Factory workshop are there because they want to grow and learn and change. 
If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, check out our website at www.habitfactory.space and sign up for the newsletter to receive updates about upcoming cohorts. 

We’re all capable of learning, but the way we think we do it best is no longer in one big box with a professor.

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