Look Closely: The world is just regular people doing regular things (don’t overcomplicate it)

If you look closely, nobody really has any super powers. 

Nobody has the power to make a year’s salary appear out of thin air the next day (without consequence).

Nobody is able to reap the benefits of natural talent without putting talent to work. 
For the past year, I’ve been at work with my parents in their small restaurant. In doing so, I realized that at the back of every operation, every project, every massive business is a bunch of regular people doing regular things, working hard and delivering promises. 
I was sold on a story that said if you’re smart, then you’d be able to find yourself doing otherworldly things. Turns out, that’s not how the world works. And hint, there are no otherworldly things. Nobody else has it better than you do. 

We’re all regular people doing regular people things.

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