Coffee tastes better when everyone else is having it the same way

When I was on vacation, I realized that part of the reason why I wanted to buy coffee was so that I could be part of the people who bought coffee from local cafes in town—it’s a culture in of itself.

Maybe, subconsciously, coffee in disposable paper cups with a logo tastes better than coffee made from home brought around in a thermos.

I realized that if I wanted to be like the people who bought coffee in the morning from local cafes in town, then I had to spend 3-4 bucks every single time.

Instead, I decided to reuse my paper cup and refill it with free hotel coffee.

Perhaps it actually did taste better, or maybe it was all a placebo.

Whether coffee tastes better in a cup with a logo or not, being part of a culture makes a difference. If we create products that allow other people to be part of a given pocket of society, then we’ve created something important for them.

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