I’m Closing In On 500 Daily Pieces of Writing Next Month

Get better at writing. This was my goal from the beginning. 

I’ve come back to my computer to write something (and that includes absolutely anything) in order to document something or deliver a personal message for the past 475 days. 

Though I don’t think it’s always a successful day of writing, I do think there’s something in sticking through bad days and still showing up with something to the table. My analogy to that is this: there’s an element of generosity and gravity when you still bring something to the potluck even when you’re exhausted and the host says you can bring just yourself.

That aside, this post is more of a documentation piece. 

These 475 days have been good for me. It feels like a mountain I decided to slowly and painstakingly climb. But of course, I’m no hiker and thus have been unprepared for the pitfalls (but we all learn to persevere don’t we).

I’m looking forward to the next 15 days, and the next 500 after that. 

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