Design School In 7 Sentences

Since it’s been well over a year from leaving school, I thought it would be fun to write a summary of my thoughts around it. 

  1. At first you’re not really going to understand a single thing, and you’re going to complain about it to your friends and future colleagues
  2. You’re going to put a lot of effort (sometimes entire nights) into projects that aren’t for someone else, but for yourself to learn and improve from
  1. When you start to see what other professionals working in the field do, you’re going to want to go waaaaay further than the school brief told you to
  2. Knowing a little bit about the other art and design disciplines go a long way, so go out of your own way to learn about them
  3. Critiques aren’t there to boost your ego. They’re there so you can understand what your work looks and sounds like from the perspective of someone else. This is critical. 
  4. Your peers (future colleagues and acquaintances) are going to be your favourite kind of people
  5. When you leave, you’re going to wish you took more chances on yourself. But hey, you’re 22 and life has just begun.

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