Taking things and people for granted and how that twists our perspective on our day to day

When I was a kid, my grandma cooked almost every meal. We went to restaurants once in a while, but grandma never wanted us to buy food more than once a week. She also never wanted me to eat dinner at a friend’s house.
I never realized how amazing her food was until I started eating other people’s food.

This is just one example of how I take for granted a “normal” part of my day to day, and how it makes me assume everyone else has it this way too (they obviously don’t). Just because it’s the norm for me doesn’t make it the norm for someone else.

Before you make a complaint or put in a bad review because you couldn’t have something your way, take a hard look around. Be thankful that you’re used to better, finer things. Not everybody has it like you.

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