Everybody’s An Artist

Most people think of artists as drawers and painters, or musicians and performers.

But an artist can also mean a master, an expert, or someone who is simply really good at what they do.

A carpenter is considered an artist if they care for the extra nitty gritty details that might be overlooked by someone else looking to meet the bare minimum.

A surgeon is an artist if they not only get the job done, but make the patients feel happy and confident about it too.

And somebody who’s really good at customer service at your local coffee shop, they’re artists in human communication. 

Being an artist is different from someone who is only motivated by a paycheque.

There are artists everywhere we look. The artists are the people going the extra mile, bringing expertise and humanity to the table—not because a textbook or a company manifesto said so, but because they care.

Everybody’s an artist. And it’s our job to find out what we’re artists for.

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