When It’s Crowded And Everybody’s Talking, How Do You Stand Out?

The answer is that you don’t have to.

Standing out is one thing, and giving somebody what they need is another.

If you’re quiet and don’t want to shout to create attention, what you need to do to stand out is give something people need.

Humaaans is one of the most widely used icon packs we see in the market yet they didn’t do any advertising for it. It stands out because it’s a tool that helps designers save time while looking professional (for free).

And let’s talk about bubble tea shops.

You can easily find a couple of them in a single plaza in Scarborough, all selling more or less the same product. How do you stand out when your competitors are selling the exact same thing as you? Maybe they have a bigger marketing budget, or a more established consumer base. 

Maybe it has to do with connecting with a group of people in the crowd. Not the whole crowd, but a fraction of it. If you do a good enough job, if you’ve given them something to tell their friends, you can earn your share of the pie too.

Turns out, you don’t have to stand out to everyone. But to the few who need you, you’ll have to stand out to them.

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