How Posting on the Internet Saved Our Family Business This Year

On this day last year, we were in the beginning stages of COVID and was really feeling the impacts of it on our family restaurant. Unfortunately we saw that many food businesses did not survive the storm. Some days we wondered if we would survive, too. Being the most internet-literate person in the family business (out of my mom, my dad, and me), I took it upon myself to start creating a digital presence for our restaurant. Not because I thought it would work, but because we needed to try something new. Something that wasn’t just waiting around for regulars to come back during a public health emergency. 

And so Instagram became a good friend.

After 60 days months of posting seriously, we were contacted by a local news and entertainment company which helped our business tremendously in its bleakest times. In the following 200 days, more and more people kept sharing our photos with their friends on the internet, and more people came through the doors.

1000+ internet posts later, we now have new customers regularly order through Instagram pictures or tiktok videos at the cash register.

I’m grateful we’ve made it this far. It’s been a tough year to say the least, but I realize that social media is much more than the work distraction we make it out to be. It’s a skill, and it’s worth more than what most people believe it to be.

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