Not All Messages Are Spread Evenly

I was working one day when somebody told me something I thought to be incredibly false about COVID-19. One of those read-it-off-of-a-facebook-post remedies.

That’s when I realized, just having the facts and the message out there, free and open on the good ol’ Google, doesn’t mean that the information is going to be seen and heard. 

What we have here, is a ginormous marketing problem.

What people hear and what they don’t hear isn’t their fault. They just haven’t been told the message in a way that appealed to their needs.

And because I’m not a health professional, I’m going to stop there.

What I actually intended to write about is how we share our work and ideas as creatives.

And this is an example of why you need to continuously share your work and ideas in as many ways/mediums/forms as possible—because things will simply not hit the first time.

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