I’m Busy Watching My Tree Grow

Said nobody, ever.

Because we all know that the growth of trees can’t be seen with the naked eye on a real time basis.

But why do we judge ourselves so quickly, when our growth is no different from something like a tree?

It’s tempting to check, and check, and check again to see if we’ve made any new progress, but the reality is that we don’t move that fast.

Here’s what I mean: the amount of instagram likes on your last post doesn’t mean you’re growing. Hoping for your Tiktok account to go viral after 3 video posts is wishful thinking. Wondering why your drawing skills haven’t drastically improved after drawing for 2 days is because you need to practice more.

Maybe it’s better to check back in 200 days, or a year, or even 10 years—just not 3 minutes after you try something new.

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