A Generous Stranger

A few years ago, I attended a presentation from a local photographer whose work I really admired. At the time, I really wanted to get into fashion illustration, and the thought of drawing her models while she took pictures and did her thing excited me.

When the end of her presentation came, I hung around at the back of the floor until everybody else was done asking their questions.

10 minutes later, everybody started to leave and there were only a handful of people left. I was still very shy back then, so I just stood there as she was packing up and talking to an eager group of students.

More minutes passed. 

The facilitator then saw me standing, and asked if I had a question.

Immediately after saying yes in my most shy and quiet voice, I was forcefully pushed forward to ask it.

This is beginning of how I started doing fashion illustrations for a few years. A generous stranger pushed me (literally) to ask for what I wanted, and it changed my outlook at the time.

Moments like these happen everywhere, all the time. 

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