Will Social Media Be On Your Resume?

I used to fear posting on social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, because I was worried what my friends and family would think—what if what I posted affected the number of “Happy birthdays” I get on my wall at 12 years old (this is an exaggeration to prove my point, but this line of thinking is not too far from the truth)?

Fast forward, as soon as I started using Instagram and TikTok for my family’s restaurant, Great Fountain, I realized these social media platforms are much more than the mental doom and gloom people say about them.

7 months ago, we started getting more customers ordering food through Instagram photos at the cash register.

3 months ago, one of our TikTok videos reached a customer of ours by random, and she left a comment that read, “I had no idea you guys had TikTok, but our family loves you and we’ll be back soon.”

8 years ago, it would be rare to find a company hiring for social media positions.

Now, an active and engaging internet presence for brands and businesses is one of the most important things to have if companies want to stay on the minds of anybody under 70 years old.

And 5 years from now, I believe social media as a skill will be more valued than ever.

Now all aside, here’s the bottom line I want to make: social media is a skill, and the ability to engage and build community will  continue to be extremely valuable for any business/entity communicating with other human beings moving forward.

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