Getting Out of the Planning Stage

I had the idea of adding a drink loyalty card to our parent’s restaurant 3 months ago. I had it in my head for a long time, and I kept it there. Unbothered. Indefinitely in planning mode. 

Until I decided our restaurant actually needed it, just 2 weeks ago.

At first I couldn’t find a time to fit the production of the project in my schedule, then I just brought my laptop to work so that I couldn’t leave the restaurant without working on it.

It was slow at first.

Day 1: Open an Illustrator file with the right dimensions, put down all the text we needed on the card. Save, exit.

Day 2: Make 1 design variation. Save, exit.

Day 3: Make 1 more design variation. Save, exit.

Day 4: Edit colour, type, and sizing. Place an order with a reliable, quality printer.

And before I knew it, I was done.

In just 4 nights of downtime, I finally was able to get out of planning and into the doing.

Did it take much less time than I thought? Yes.

Was the effort worth it? I think so.

Sometimes getting the momentum rolling is the hardest part.

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