Authenticity is Alive

More likely than not, what you want to say has already been said. However (and yes there is a catch): if you truly say what you want to say in your own way, there’s still a lot of value in that.

Because the way Nike says just do it, and the way an encouraging friend might say let’s do it, is the same but still so different.

In the same way, “Pay off student debt” isn’t the same when it’s said by a trusting financial advisor versus some stranger on the street.

Or consider how many books there are on the topic of writing.How many unique techniques and methodologies in writing can there really be? My guess is that once you read the 4th or 5th book, the content starts repeating over and over again. Yet, every one of those writers are able to get their voice heard, their foot in the door.

Perhaps what you want to say has already been said, but there’s a chance someone will resonate more with how you will say/show it.

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