Finishing the Portfolio Campfire Workshop

Yesterday night marked an important moment for the Habit Factory, which was the final day for a program Mikayla and I decided to run called the Portfolio Campfire. In it, we had 10 people from a diverse set of creative backgrounds, all working towards the same goal—to build a portfolio website,  to practice the way they put themselves in front of an audience, and to be a better creative.

Yet again, I’ve been brought to see the magic of collaborative effort and diversity at play. 

And again, I see real progress being made through unassuming small, consistent steps.

And even though 2 weeks isn’t a long time, I’m noticing that it’s just enough time to make a mental change to move somebody else.

Congratulations to all the talented folk who joined us on our first run of the Portfolio Campfire. I know you’ll all go to find great things.

Here’s to your next 14 days and beyond.

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