Cake Making and Creativity

I was talking to a good friend about this, and I think it would be valuable to document it in a piece of writing. Here goes:

To me, my writing is like a baker making a single type of cake for a bakery.

I write about one thing only, and that is my creativity. The only reason why it looks and reads different every day is because I tweak the recipe.

I’m not a professional writer, but I’m making my own bet that if I do this enough times, I’ll eventually get better at doing it. I’ll start to notice my own patterns, my own faults, and what my strengths are.

It’s the equivalent of reducing the sugar to a recipe,

Or adding more cheese to a cheese:flour ratio,

Or adjusting bake time,

Just to get the texture right.

Finally, if I don’t like the cake that I’ve baked for the day, I can make adjustments to the recipe and try again tomorrow.

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