The Design Process

For every project in school, they put us through a process commonly referred to as “design thinking”

We talk about the steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test

But what does it really entail? I’ve broken down the process into more casual terms:

  1. What’s this problem that you’re facing? How can we help make things better?
  2. So here’s what the problem might be…
  3. We’ve got some things in mind that might work, but we’ll have to test them
  4. The solution we have is in it’s rough stages, but through testing in it’s real context we’ll likely be able to make it better
  5. Now that it’s been put to the test, we can make these specific adjustments to improve the experience for next time

Not to mention the invisible extra steps:

  1. We are doubting this will work
  2. We can’t think of any better ideas anymore
  3. We really hope this works out

Emotions may vary throughout the process.

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