Why I Don’t Have A Portfolio Right Now

After years of re-tuning, re-doing, and re-freshing, I chose to scrap my design portfolio 2 months ago.

Not because I was getting so many gigs and leads left and right (because I’m not).

And definitely not because I think I’m super talented to the point where a portfolio is not needed (because it will always be needed).

I chose to scrap my portfolio because it’s not serving anybody at this point in time—not even me. So rather than hold a backlog of my experiences from 3-4 years ago in a time capsule to show to anybody who needed to see it (which is nobody, because I’m currently not seeking any design positions or opportunities), I replaced it with something more relevant and true to the present me.

While I’m not looking for creative job positions in the market, countless others are.

So I think it’s worth it to help artists and designers just like us level up in an environment where we want to do more and do better, together.

That’s the Habit Factory (where all my creative energy is going right now). We’re hosting our 14 day Portfolio Campfire workshop this February for creatives who are looking to find their next opportunity. Find the community and accountability you’re looking for, and sign up for the online program. It’s open for all creatives who need to rebuild their websites and portfolios with intent this year.

Check it out at https://www.thehabitfactory.space/

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