How I Let Go Of My Shy Side

I was a quiet, shy kid for the majority of my lifespan. I rarely raised my hand in class, didn’t really know how to talk to relatives or strangers, was pretty silent in many conversations, lacked the confidence in myself for a lot of topics in school, mostly STEM, because the other kids were so much better.

The only thing I knew I was pretty confident at was art (and definitely not the performing theatre kind).

On one hand, you could say that people like us “grow” out of our own shyness and general discomfort, but I think what happened instead was that I decided to go after my strengths rather than try to surround myself in an environment where I would need to work twice as hard to be in the same place as everybody else AND not enjoy the subject matter.

Letting go of my shyness and un-confidence was less of a shedding, and more of just directing my energy towards what I was actually good at instead of what I wasn’t good at.

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