How I Feel About My Work Today, January 20, 2021

I think it took a lot of inner effort and reflection, but how I feel about my work 5 years ago versus how I feel about my work today is—I can safely say—different.

Off the bat, I would describe my current work as rough yet thoughtful, almost like every bit is a WIP posting (because it is).

Why I would consider it different from some time 5 years ago is because I used to want everything up to my own personal standard of “perfect”, or “ready” before ever sharing it with anybody. That process caused a lot of stalling, stopping, and professional hardship because I never felt it was good enough to let other people see.

With my current writing bits, I don’t edit my way into perfection because I simply don’t give myself the time (and I think that’s for the better). There’s a due date I have, 12AM, which pushes me to get to the point of it all before going to bed. Doing this over and over and over again has broken down my creative process into tiny, doable bits rather than one behemoth of a project to finish overnight. 

I would say my relationship with creativity has become more relaxed, simply knowing that I’m not looking for my best work all the time, but instead looking for practice overtime.

I believe that continuing this ritual of delivering daily work, whatever it may be, will change my outlook on my own work and my thoughts on creativity.

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