Coffee, Voices, and Your Brand

Everybody is familiar with the taste of coffee.

Yet there are still a million different coffee brands around the world, each telling their own bean story or roasting process or how they want to brew the perfect cup over and over again.

The stories are all similar. After all, how many different ways can you really grow a coffee bean?

Regardless, millions still itch to tell their own coffee story, in their own voice, their own way.

Similar to a designer’s portfolio, a designer’s voice is everything. Besides the projects, besides the achievements, and the resume, your voice is one element that often gets overlooked when preparing a portfolio.

For me, I like to consider the following questions:

What do you naturally sound like to someone else?

Where are the people you want to connect with going to find you?

More importantly, are you going to be someone that other people similar to you want on their side?

Millions of brands of coffee, but we only choose to stick with a few because they sound like us.

Find your voice, tell your story.

We’re dedicating the next Habit Factory cohort to helping creatives like you build on your brand and portfolio. Find out all the information and register today at

It’s always a good time to invest in your own voice.

Hope to see you there.

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