Why You Need the Right Environment

It’s true that when we’re not surrounded by the right environment, the right people, or the right kind of mentality, we won’t be able to do the right kind of work (or at least not the extent we want to).

Space is important.

And that’s why the Habit Factory is making space for you.

We’re back with a new initiative, and this time it’s about creative portfolios. 

A portfolio is more than just an artist’s work. It’s her story, and it’s how she’s going to win her next gig, or land her dream job.

There’s a time and space to do our best work, and we think this is the best we could offer in a global mid-pandemic environment like this.

If you’re ready to surround yourself with other creatives in a productive environment, one where you’re pulled to think about creativity differently, and one where others egg you on to do more after each day, consider joining the Portfolio Campfire.

We’re constantly working to improve our programs, and so you’ll see our website adjust from time to time, but all the details are on our website here: https://www.thehabitfactory.space/

I hope you’ll check us out, and more importantly, I hope you share this with someone you know who needs it.

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