Making a promise by ourselves vs. making a promise where other people are holding that same promise

The result might be the same, but how we get there makes all the difference.

A year ago when we were still in our final year at school, Mikayla and I started gathering art and design students so that we could work on personal passion projects outside of the school curriculum, together. It was once a week for 4 weeks, and it was an experiment to see what we could do outside of the academic school system.

What we saw in that kind of environment was real commitment.

In that same year, we had two friends who wanted to improve their voice and style in presenting. We formed a group of 4 and started making weekly presentations for fun and presented them to each other an hour before class started. Week after week our colleagues came back with progress—the kind of work you wouldn’t be able to push yourself to do with a full school schedule if it were only by yourself.

Then COVID hit. A lot of us were trying to look for social connection, or jobs, or both. And so we ran an online portfolio campfire for a small group of our friends. It was a way for us to give what was needed.

One of the biggest things I personally saw was that nobody wanted to let a group down. 

It’s interesting to see, again and again, what people can do when they make a commitment where others are involved.

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