A Place For Every Person on the Internet

Somewhere on the internet there’s a community of other people building positive relationships with each other, while learning what it means to be a creative.

For 14 days, brought to you by the internet, this space connects artists, designers, writers, and doers together. It’s an experience most won’t be able to get with traditional means of current (online) education. 

It’s an experiment. There are no tests, no assignments, no GPA to keep up.

Just you, your creativity, and other people just like you.

There’s a place for everyone on the internet, and if this sounds like a space you want to be a part of, we’re accepting applications for January’s cohort now. Don’t wait for inspiration to hit this time around.

Last chance to apply with a good amount off the original ticket price before it goes back up.

You can join us here: https://www.thehabitfactory.space/

See you there!

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