Redefining What’s Valuable and Why You Should Share Your Work

A chocolate chip cookie might be more valuable to the average second grader than somebody who has to watch their sugar intake.

In the same way, a guitar might be more valuable to somebody who wants to learn to play the guitar, than to me who has it sitting in her room untouched for the past couple of years.

And an old vintage pair of jeans found in the thrift store? Somebody didn’t want it, but a denim loving vintage thrifter might.

Things can hold value to someone else, even when you don’t see it.

So even when you think it’s bad, maybe it’ll be worth it to share your work with someone who needs it.

PS: We’re back again with 2021’s first cohort of the year at the Habit Factory. Get into the habit of sharing your work with other people who might need it. Applications are open and tomorrow is the last day for early bird pricing. Go check out the details and register soon here:

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