How to Make Things Easier to Do for You

But first, a bit about running.

As soon as you’ve got your running shoes on, you might as well go outside the door.

And by the time you’re taking a few steps outside, you might as well go for a walk and circle back home later.

As you walk, you’re so close to doing it anyway that you might as well start lightly jogging, just until you’re a little bit tired.

And just like that you’ve tricked yourself into healthy physical activity, by simply doing the first step which is to put on your running shoes.

The first step isn’t jogging or running, it’s simply the act of putting on our shoes.

The smaller steps still matter.

2 thoughts on “How to Make Things Easier to Do for You”

  1. This is why I’m big on the Atomic Habits style of doing things. Set the bar low enough that there’s no resistance to doing it. That may mean writing 250 words, or just jogging for five minutes. Oftentimes I surpass those bars, and I’ve since learned that it isn’t about the intensity, but the consistency that gets me going.

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    1. I could not say this any more to-the-point as you have Stuart. By setting the bar to more achievable levels, we’re more inclined to reach and finish them, and even surpass them


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