Quantity gets a Bad Rap

Quality over quantity.

We all know the saying and what it stands for: lots of things don’t make a good thing.

I feel as if we’ve been told this whole Quality over Quantity thing so that we do things “right” the first time. Which is nothing short of great, but there’s an element of perfection in it that stops us from making things that have a chance of not working. 

Quantity however, is a numbers game. Set a quota and reach it (or better yet, go past it).

Being a designer, the urge to make things perfect and beautiful the first time is very strong. It also doesn’t help that the bar has been set so high for a new graduate like me.

The other route we can take is the practice, where instead of focusing on quality we focus on reiteration and the act of doing. 

It’s a different type of game where the only rule is that you’ve got to be making something

To me, it seems we have the whole quality and quantity thing backwards. It’s not one over the other, they’re just different.

Quantity gets a bad rap, but quantity is the practice. 

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