Create Better Distractions

Like a great playlist of music you actually like.

Like going for a walk.

Like cleaning up your room for good.

Like organizing your budget.

Like cooking for yourself.

We get distracted all the time, every day. It’s a human thing to do.

Distracted by what? is the variable that sets us apart.

I have another announcement to make, and it’s one I’m really excited about.

If you’re ready to cut through your own noise and join a group of others, please check out for the 14 day online workshop to commit to your creative self. Our first cohort just finished earlier on Monday and we all went through a journey of practice, introspection, and learning there.  

We’re now accepting applications for our second cohort (with early bird pricing for those who come early). If you want to join us (which I hope you will) you can use the code BEGINNING for a nice amount off of the original ticket price at checkout.

Connection and support is so important, especially now. With that said, I hope you create better distractions for yourself.

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