Finding the OK Zone in Your Work

More times than I could possibly count, I would spend hours drawing or painting something only to think it’s too ugly, too unfinished, the wrong composition, or it just had all the wrong colours on it. The list of imperfections could go on.

I’d then close my sketchbook or put away the canvas (indefinitely), feeling discouraged to try again any time in the then near future.

It was a long time before I knew it was OK, because drawing or painting wasn’t in the cards for me anyways.

Nonetheless, I’m in my OK zone now. It’s where I feel I can let go and be OK with whatever happens to it. 

I’m letting go of the expectation that it will be perfect, or the thing that will get the most likes, or what will be the most original, because I know that I’ll be more OK sharing the work than keeping it hidden away.

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