From Not Doing It At All To Doing It Every Day

Three types of creative commitments: 

  1. Not doing it at all. The type where we wait for the moment to force us to sit down so that we can finally get to the work we want to do, only the moment never really arises.
  2. Doing it sometimes. Only when we believe it’s going to be a cool piece of work. It’s casual, like a phase, and then it’s gone again.
  3. Doing it every day. This is the type where we get serious. This is a commitment we’re willing to make so that we can be better, more intentional creatives.

There are no options that are better than the other, just different.

With that said, if you’re a writer, an illustrator, or a designer, the Habit Factory is beginning it’s very first cohort this Monday, October 19th and there’s 5 more days left to sign up. If you’re ready to commit to the third type of commitment, I hope you check out our website at where you can find more info and FAQs about the program.

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