The Next Up

A struggle for everything.

I’m addressing feelings of plateau. There comes a point in many things where we feel at a standstill or we don’t know where to go next. 

It’s like in exercise where we have to up the weights, or when we have to add new songs to our old playlists to keep them interesting.

Or maybe it’s the feeling when we finally finish a really good book. Or when we seek for new jobs even when the old one was just fine.

We seek change because we know there’s something we’ve outgrown.

And the only way we get to this plateau is if we’ve done it enough times to say that it’s enough.

For me, it’s writing every day.

I’ve made subtle changes to how I start my pieces every morning in the past, and I’m in the search for ways to make it better.

And it’s that: the search for more.

There’s a next up that I’m looking for. It’s not going to be big, flashy, or worth announcing, but it’s in my belief that it will help me do better work.

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