Making Adjustments

I want to live healthier and exercise every day. The reality is that I don’t, and with my life I don’t give it nearly enough time and importance as it should have.

A while ago, I wanted to keep Double Cow going, but the reality for that is I’m not running it as actively as I’d ideally want to because I can’t make the time while working at my parent’s restaurant. It had to be stopped.

I traded off finding remote design-related jobs as a recent grad so that I could spend more time with my family.

Things don’t always go our way, so we make adjustments.

These days I’m opting for a 5-10 minute exercise period instead of an hour long one.

I’m using social media as my creative outlet on @greatfountain and instead of making things.

Best of all, the adjusted things worked out. It’s not ideal, as few things are, but it’s working for me and that’s what matters.

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