Becoming Friends with Your Journey

The journey is a friend.

When I first walked through the doors of my university, I didn’t know what it’d bring. In a very similar way, I didn’t know what would happen as I walked out of those doors into what general society refers to as “real life” and post-graduation (or as we’re calling it today, mid-pandemic).

I think I could’ve planned all I wanted to, but maybe only 9% of those plans would actualize because my circumstances would change. I’d value different things, I’d think a different way, and I’d just grow apart from the things I used to want to pursue (like fashion illustration).

I feel very at peace with the decisions I’ve made, and I don’t think I could’ve honestly planned my way here. It was much more of responding in real time to things as they came along.

Things happen and we can change our minds.

I see it now as this: I prefer being friends with my journey over making it something I demand utter control over.

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