Another Leap

Starting a new habit you actually want to keep isn’t always easy, but it’s a lot better when you’re doing it with others.

Life gets in the way. We forget. We constantly run out of time. It’s not the right time. All of it is real, but if you’re willing to take a step out of the vicious circle of reasons not to begin, then read on.

A few months ago (after the start of COVID, the end of school, and real life restaurant work happened), a good friend Mikayla Koo and I took a leap to start what will become a series of online workshops for creative people like us.

Our world boils down to this: you can do it if you put the work into it, and it can be fun and rewarding along the way too. 

Getting started matters. Day one matters. Building the habit on the right foot matters.

That’s what The Habit Factory is here for.

And if you’re ready to get on your own version of Day One, then I hope you’ll join Mikayla and I for our first run of the workshop that starts this October 19th.

Sign ups are open until the start date and I hope you’ll check us out. Better yet, send this to a friend who needs an extra push (we all need one sometimes).

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