Seasonal fruits are hard to count on, because they’re not always there for you when you want them (I’m talking red currants, concord grapes, apricots, figs). While their limited time offer is part of the appeal, we can’t rely on them to be a core part of our diets.

In a similar way, if we’re looking to commit to creative work, then showing up only in short, seasonal bursts only when we feel like it is a shortsighted way to creative professionalism. 

The alternative we can count on is to be a staple. We can always find broccoli, spinach, apples, oranges, and bananas all year round; They’ll always be here when we need them.

Being non-seasonal makes it a promise. It’s not as splashy and colourful as a summer’s berry, but part of the hard work is to be present even when it’s not peak season.

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