First to Judge

I can’t show my designs to the client, it’s not good enough.

Nobody would want to see my paintings, I’m too rusty.

These drawings suck.

I screwed up my presentation because I was too nervous.

I’m not spending my time at home productively enough.

The first to judge is always ourselves. Most of the time, our problems are selfish enough so that other people won’t truly care the same way we do. However, that doesn’t stop us from feeling guilty, frustrated, anxious, or disappointed.

It’s okay to feel negative towards our own judgement for a while.

What’s next to consider is how we handle our own opinions.

Who exactly are the designs or paintings for? 

What did your presentation audience actually think?

What instead is your time meant for, if not for what you’re already doing?

Judgement is okay. It’s normal. What we can change is how we deal with it.

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