On Societal Expectations

  1. What is it? And,
  2. Who is it for? 

Arguably the two most important questions anytime, anywhere.

When it comes to societal expectations, they’re just that—expectations. They’re things that other people without knowing you have imposed onto your personal life. 

Societal expectations are guidelines for what’s generally safe and accepted from a wider community. 

So when we answer the two questions in the context of who we are, the answers are simply:

  1. Your life
  2. For you

Of course, there was an expectation that there would be some sort of life changing moment after graduating at 22 from school. Of course there was an expectation that many of us would be holding some sort of happy steady job by now. But expectations don’t always map to our personal reality. 

Living your life, for you, means removing societal expectations in exchange for what would bring more value for yourself (not your mom, your dad, cousin, coach, friend, or whoever else).

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