Self Introduction

My name is Anna Peng and this is the current story of where I am.

I work in an Asian restaurant. It’s my family’s restaurant. It’s called Great Fountain Fast Food, and I’ve been spending my days there since I completed my graduation requirements late April this year.

It’s labour work. The shifts are long, and my entire body aches from standing. I barely pass for speaking Chinese, so I learn everything along the way.

I’ve had friends and strangers tell me I should take on a design related job while my degree is still fresh. They tell me I could do better.

However, to that I think do better than what? Better than helping my family run and grow what keeps a roof over our heads?

To be clear for my own reference, my own goal isn’t to do designey things and hold a design job title at a design agency just so my paper is put to its Bachelor-of-Design-use.

Instead my own goal is to:

  1. Make sure my family is healthy
  2. Be comfortable and confident with myself as a mild and reserved person in a speak-up-or-get-lost world

It’s going to be some sort of a journey, and if you’re reading this then thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

More importantly I want you to share your story with the people around you too, because more than ever we need more voices like yours to share more human-ness in the world. 

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