A Walking Talking Case of Imposter Syndrome

what does it take to call ourselves a designer?

A completed degree? A know-how of the Adobe Suite? Or Canva?

5+ years of completed job experience or is 2 just fine?

Or, is being a designer a state of mind?

How can a 13 year old confidently call herself a designer when some struggle to do so after 5 years of design school?

Are we just swimming in the dip of the Dunning-Kruger chart?

Perhaps something’s missing.

Maybe we’ve been told a story of how designers are supposed to live, how they’re supposed to dress, behave, or talk. We hold a belief of how designers are supposed to be, and if we don’t fit in that belief fully, then we can’t bring ourselves to the name.

To that, we can say it doesn’t matter what the job title says so long as what we’re doing is alligned with our values.

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