Self Defence for Creatives

What does it mean when someone expresses says something they don’t like about your work?

How do you wholeheartedly feel off the bat?

It could be hurt, confusion, anger, frustration, disdain for yourself or for the criticizer.

Sometimes we see a knee-jerk reaction of self-defence, where the artist tries to hold strong and justify their position to what’s being said. Other times, we see the artist welcome and accept all feedback, knowing that she’s in control of the final outcome anyways.

Being a designer or artist isn’t about being right. If it was, we’d be better off in the mathematics department. 

Instead, it’s about challenge and seeking possibility in a world where change needs to be made on a daily basis.

So rather than making the criticism all about you, keep focused on the bigger picture of what’s being challenged because that’s much more important than what one person (without skin in your game) believes.

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