I cheat when writing my content. Here’s how 

I take previous posts that performed well, and rewrite the headline just so that the content gets another life and helps more people. 

I look to other people’s posts and steal their headlines just to replace them with my own spin. 

Almost all my ideas are from other people’s books, videos, speeches, courses, podcasts, or other content, only rewritten in ways that I understand them. 

I constantly look at other people’s trending content for inspiration, so I can remix it with my own agenda.


I’m not an original thinker, nor do I wish to be one. 

However, my content isn’t good when I want it to be original.

My content is only good when it clicks with other people. 

The key to keeping a blog

The key to keeping a blog isn’t dependent on the host you use, how much you spend on your website plan, or even the amount of expertise you have in your field.

The key to keeping a blog is being the type of person who keeps blogs.

That means you write and publish things frequently. 

It means you show up with an idea and you make it come to life. 

If you want to start a blog, become the type of person who keeps blogs. 

Feeling uninspired? Read this

The number one way to cure a lack of inspiration when writing, is to allow yourself to produce writing that is poor. 

That means being okay when you don’t like your own work.

It also means being okay when others don’t like your work either. 

We all go through dull, grey, uninspiring periods.

Don’t let that stop you from the act of creating something new. 

What do great writers do that differentiates them from the rest?

Great writers write more than most. 

They practice more than anyone else in the room. 

They have written more bad pieces than you have pieces in general. 

They put in just as many hours as a full time job does. 

It’s the practice, dedication, and time that chalk up to great writing abilities. 

Please put in the work to be successful

Normalize years in the making. 

Not overnight success. 

I’m 25 now but I started drawing religiously since I was 9. 

When I posted my art on Instagram last week, the comments said I was talented. 

I don’t see it that way. 

It took me 16 years and a lot of ugly sketches to get to that level of “talent” 

I’d imagine the process will be the same for you and whatever your thing is. 

I’d imagine your hard earned success to have taken a lot of grit and time and effort. 

So if you’re just starting out, please be patient and continue to put in the work. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

5 years ago, my answer would have been: product designer at a tech company (because I was an industrial design student in Toronto)

Today, I’d tell you my answer to that question is: I have no idea. 

But that’s okay. 

I’m not struggling to find my place in the world. 

I just think the world is a lot more open than I thought it to be. 

The trap of not enough engagement

90% of people will get discouraged and eventually stop posting on social media if they don’t get enough engagement by the first month. 

Here’s the truth.

If you’re posting on social media simply to get likes and follows, you’re not going to get very far. 

Real community isn’t built on one’s own vanity. 

The (sustainable) alternative is to focus on your people. 

What does your audience perceive as helpful/interesting?

How will your content help them?

Don’t get trapped in the mindset of “not enough engagement”.

Your content needs to be focused on your audience. 

How to find your voice for your small business

Whether you’re a small business owner, a creative freelancer, or designer, you’re bound to ask the question: 

How do I find my voice when marketing on social media?

Here’s my quick answer: 

Your voice = your brand

They are the same thing. 


This is really a question about how to stand out in an ocean of others. 

And in my years of experience on social media, the only way to stand out on social media is to be yourself. 

When you look in the mirror, who do you see? 

Tell the story of that individual. 

For me, I’m the daughter in our Chinese owned family restaurant in Scarborough.

It was hard growing up in Canada while your parents raise you and your siblings with rules and principles from the East. 

I’m an in-betweener of both cultures, and what we do represents that. 

That’s my voice when I represent the brand of our restaurant.

So far, it’s resonated with thousands of others (not all at once, but it’s built momentum throughout some years). 

Sharing your experiences and points of view will help you solidify your brand on social. 

99% of people can’t make a cup of good coffee with spoiled milk

Our resources and inputs matter.

If you’re looking for specific results with a specific outlook, having the right ingredients helps get you there. 

For example, filming a video with lots of valuable content—BUT having the scratchiest, filthiest, neck-hair-raising audio recording. 

Or, having the greatest e-commerce idea of all time—BUT living with the worst wifi connection and speed (think of pages that never ever load, and if they do it takes 65 seconds) 

You can always be scrappy, but the truth still goes.

Resources matter. 

Your ingredients matter.